“Perfect Cadeau” premieres in Paris at the European Independent Film Festival


An awkward reunion dinner between three flawed brothers who all have a hidden agenda descends into chaos when the woman they all love announces her pregnancy without revealing the father’s identity.

“Perfect Cadeau” (Perfect Present) will have its premiere in Paris at the European Independent Film Festival on April 7th.

Director: Martijn Hullegie
Sound Re-recording mixer: Danny van Spreuwel
Sound Studio: Warnier-Posta

Full credits Cast & Crew

“Kees & Co” after 13 years back on television

Kees-Co_cast_2019.pngThe dutch sitcom is back after 13 years! Played before a live studio audience.

First episode will be broadcast on RTL 4 on March 30. At the same time the whole season can been seen on the streaming platform Videoland.

Update: 1,5 million viewers watched the first episode. That’s an amazing start!

Director: Hans de Korte
Production Company: MediaLane
Picture Editer: Tim Wijbenga
Sound Re-recording mixer: Danny van Spreuwel
Sound Studio: Warnier-Posta

A new milestone

A new milestone in my career as a sound re-recording mixer has been reached!

After many years mixing in Dolby 5.1 now Dolby Atmos can be added to my resume. This formats opens up new creative possibilities and I can’t wait to do many more features in this format.

See what Dolby Atmos can do in this video: Dolby Atmos Explained

Ik weet wie je bent

Ik weet wie je bentDe nieuwe psychologische thrillerserie.

Een verlaten weg midden in het bos. Aan zijn gescheurde kleding en gezicht vol schrammen en bloed is te zien dat hij een ongeluk heeft gehad. Maar de succesvolle strafrechtadvocaat Daniel Elias (Daan Schuurmans) kan zich volstrekt niet meer herinneren wie hij is en hoe hij daar terecht is gekomen.

Vanaf zondag 26 augustus te zien bij KRO-NCRV op NPO 3.

Cast: Daan Schuurmans, Sophie van Winden, Ariane Schluter en Gaite Jansen
Directors: Hanro Smitsman / Thomas Korthals Altes
Production Company: Column Film
Sound Design: Lawrence Horne
Sound Re-recording Mixer: Danny van Spreuwel

Feel good moments in “De Matchmaker”

As a stock photographer, Chris travels the world and fully enjoys his life. When new orders become scarce and the bottom of his bank account comes into view, he is forced to return to the place where he has not been for years: home.

As a bonus i made a Sound Mix Canvas Ride to express the number of sound tracks and clips that are used in this project.

Sound Mix Canvas Ride

Director: Jeroen Houben
Production Company: Lemming Film
Re-recording mixer: Danny van Spreuwel